In late February Facebook community largest planet informs us of a new change. This time one of its most used by users, the button 'Like', which from this week allowed users to share the information of their choice on their walls with a single click.

Until last weekend, the button only published a link on a line directed to the website that the user liked, now published links contain more information, including a brief description, a photo and allows users to leave comments on shared publication.

Although as Mashable media say the test could change, Malorie Lucich, a Facebook spokesman said the

social networking giant will keep the button 'share' but of 'Like' is "recommended solution" . The idea, apparently, is that with this change are known developers opinions regarding its functionality.

New Feature Facebook, however, has several looks. First means that users who use the button easier to transmit information on their tastes

and this is most visible for contacts from their profiles. However, for those who prefer going through the social network a little more caution and without much visibility, with its purpose function will be more difficult to achieve.

The other side of the coin the media are benefiting largely because the information they share will be more visible in the profiles of their users.

No doubt also serve companies are already aware of the power of social networking and looking for ways to position itself in the market through information sharing.

The new function will also be an effective tool for sites with content itself because it can represent an increase in traffic. Although it is clear that the saturation of content on the walls will make suffer more than one social network user.

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